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Hi guys, yesterday Jenna attended the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards last night in Los Angeles. I have added 15 images to the gallery, hopefully we will have more but for now check out the images over in the gallery!

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Jenna recently spoke with Latina.Com on Stuck in the Middle, Jane The Virgin and more! Read the interview below!

What was it like working on Jane the Virgin with Gina Rodriguez? Any funny stories from set?

Working on Jane was so cool! Gina is amazing, so I was honored to get to play the younger version of her. My favorite days were the table read days because everyone was there. The writing was is so funny, we would spend some time laughing together because it was too funny not to. One of the funny memories I have was with Jaime Camil. He is a comedian all the time. He asked me if I liked going to Disneyland and I said that it was ok, but the lines were too long. He started singing in his opera voice to me that his Disneyland was better than my Disneyland and that he was going to take me one day to prove it.

Who are some actors you look up to and why?

I look up to Gina Rodriguez because, like me, she did not have a connection to the business. We are both Latinas who do not come from money and did not have an easy way in. She speaks openly about the challenges of being a Latina actress and how Latin actors are not represented on screen the way they should be. She has proven that hard work pays off and I admire that.

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I have added around 100 HD Captures of this weekend’s new episode of Stuck In The Middle. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! If you missed the episode you can catch up on Watch Disney Channel App!

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Tonight on Disney Channel there is a brand new episode of Stuck In The Middle. In “Stuck in the Slushinator” – Harley uses her creativity to convince her dad to hire her at his marina store. Once there, she unveils her newest invention, the “slushinator.” Be sure to tune into Disney Channel tonight, Friday, April 08 (8:30 – 9:00 P.M. EDT).

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Hi guys, i have added around 90 HD Captures of Jenna in Stuck in the Middle episode “Stuck in the Block Party”, make sure to check them out over in the gallery!

I have also added 6 very beautiful images of Jenna on the red carpet of Disney’s “The Jungle Book” Premiere on April 04th. You can check out a video of her walking the red carpet below, as well as a behind the scenes interview!

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Hi guys, tomorrow on Disney Channel there is an all new Stuck in the Middle Episode. “Stuck In The Block Party” – Harley tasks herself with creating an activity for the annual neighborhood block party, but finds it difficult to come up with the perfect idea. This episode of “Stuck in the Middle” airs Friday, April 01 (8:30 – 9:00 P.M. EDT) on Disney Channel.

Also I have added new Vince Trupsin Photoshoot images, as well as new candids of Jenna grabbing lunch with Isaak and Kayla! Be sure to check them out over in the gallery!

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Hi guys, the other day Jenna was spotted out grabbing some ice cream! I have added 4 candid images to the gallery, be sure to check them out along with HD captures from Stuck in the Middle episode, “Stuck at the Movies”.

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