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Hi guys, the other day Jenna was spotted out grabbing some ice cream! I have added 4 candid images to the gallery, be sure to check them out along with HD captures from Stuck in the Middle episode, “Stuck at the Movies”.

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On tonight’s all new Stuck In The Middle Harley procrastinates on finishing her science project, it inadvertently leads to the WIFI going out, leading her entire family to head out to the movies. Make sure to catch Stuck At The Movies tonight at 8pm on Disney Channel!

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I have added a few great images of Jenna at Jordyn Jones 13th Birthday Party that she attended yesterday! Hopefully we will have more to add later, but for now make sure to check out those over in the gallery! Also below is a new interview of Jenna talking all things Stuck In The Middle!

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Hey guys, when Jenna was in Miami this past week, she sat down with Telemundo and talked all things Stuck In The Middle. Make sure to check out the interview below!

I have added over 100 HD Captures of Jenna in Stuck In The Middle’s latest episode ‘Stuck In The Sweet Seat’, Make sure to check those out over in the gallery!

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Yesterday Jenna attended the world premiere of Columbia Pictures “Miracles From Heaven”. I have added around 20 amazing images of Jenna on the red carpet, make sure to check them out over in the gallery!

On another note, be sure to tune into the premiere of “Stuck In The Middle” tomorrow night on Disney Channel!!

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I have added some great captures of the Stuck In The Middle cast in the Sonus music video “Stuck With You”. In the video you can get a look at the first season of Stuck In The Middle, make sure to check it out below, and tune into Disney Channel Sunday March 11th, 2016 for the series premiere of Stuck In The Middle!

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